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Dear fellow students,
We’d like to draw your attention to the upcoming elections. You will be given the opportunity to vote for two bodies on the same date.
The election is going to take place from XXth to XXth April in Room 212a. On XXth April we will do a brief Q&A session in case you’ve got any questions. Biscuits will be provided at the election.

What are you going to vote for?
Students’ Union
The students’ union is your opportunity to organize! Be it a party, seminar evaluation, critique... you name it. This election is organized so we have a board of XX people with clear responsibilities. However, are open for your participation even if you were not elected. They are your forum to articulate your wishes. Comments on the library or on the courses?

If you would like to nominate yourself, please contact ma.ts@asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de
Council of the Department (Transcultural Studies)
You might have heard of an ominous thing called “Fachrat”. Basically, what it is a council of your department. Students, professors, other teaching staff, and administrative staff all elect representatives. Whereas the students’ union is a place for students to form their opinions, this is the place where all the different groups come together and discuss issues at department level. Hot topics at other departments include offered courses, exam regulations, etc. If you are keen on the details like which group is sending how many representatives, please visit the site (http://agsm.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/index.php/Flyer_auf_English) of Fachschaftskonferenz (http://www.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/) (university wide student body).
If you’d like to nominate yourself for the council, please send a few sentences concerning your motivation to ma.ts@asia-europe.uni-heidelberg.de and fill in the online form (http://www.fsk.uni-heidelberg.de/mitbestimmungfachrat/fachrat/kandidatur-fachrat.html).
See you on election day!